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We’ve had a number of users sending in great ideas about ways they’ve discovered to get the most out of their treasured TABi. So here are a few you might find useful too. Do keep sending us feedback!:

“When I start a new page for a meeting, I don’t know if it’s going to fill a whole page. So I just put the date at the top and only write a title if I fill up the page. Otherwise I can assume the date means FROM rather than ON, and continue to write notes on it so I don’t waste paper. At least I still have a clue where my notes are, and I can still write a short title or two if I want when the page is full.”

“I sometimes use Meeting pages much like Project pages, but for notes about subjects I don’t think I’m going to need many pages for like ideas for blog posts or phone numbers. So I don’t write a date on their tabs, just a title.”

“I love using highlighters to link topics together. It not only makes my TABi more fun to use, it really does help my eye jump to what I’m looking for especially when the book is filling up.”

“I’ve seen people trying to pick up the corner of their tabs to open it. That makes the tabs curl up. If you hold the tab with your thumb and bend the back cover back, the tabs won’t curl.”

“The way the cover wraps around the spine doesn’t allow thicker pens to be inserted. So while it looks great, I’ve found the best way to attach a pen is by putting the clip on the inside and the pen then lies neatly on the outside. Perhaps one day TABi will include pen holders in the cover” – Great idea. We’re looking into it! The TABi Team.

  • sharonemiller2002

    Oh please make a pocketed sleeve cover for the tabi – so that we can slip in bits I’ve made my tabi a plain elasticated jewelery cord band (think posh elastic band) to improvise pen holder and keep tabi closed. It would be great if you could incorporate some dotted or squared paper for designs. I’ve also put in a rigid piece of backing card to stop my A5 tabi flexing when I stand and write.

    • Janine Thomas

      Hi Sharon, thanks so much for your valuable feedback and good to hear that you are enjoying using your TABi notebook. We hope to bring out some amendments to the product in the future so watch this space! Happy tabbing! The TABi Team

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