Due to the unique patented design of TABi notebooks…

  • every page has its own index tab for a clue about what’s on it
  • every tab is visible from the first page
  • every tab is supported by pages beneath for ease of writing

TABi notebooks contain a similar number of pages found in most ordinary notebooks:

  • A4 – 162 high quality white 100 gsm pages in total
  • A5 – 144 high quality white 100 gsm pages in total

TABi covers have a high quality soft touch feel. Made from hard-wearing polyurethane, they are pleasingly flexible to enable easy opening at the right page. Just place your thumb on a tab and bend back the cover to flip the book open without curling any tabs.


These pages are designed to allow you to record notes from meetings. All these tabs are numbered for cross-referencing and provide space for both a date and a short title.

If a meeting requires additional pages, simply draw an arrow on the next page’s tab to indicate it follows on from the previous page. Colour highlighters can also be used to associate pages for even faster recognition.

A4 TABi have 57 meeting sheets (114 pages)

A5 TABi have 47 meeting sheets (94 pages)

TABi Speical Projects


Projects are for collections of notes all related to the same subject. Their tabs are diagonally chamfered allowing for fast opening at the latest page in a set. Once you have filled a page, draw a small line on the diagonal edge of the tab on the next page to help you quickly find your latest note.

Project pages are ruled on the right and blank on the left especially for doodles, drawings and diagrams… or more writing.

A4 TABi have 20 sheets for projects (5 sets of 4) (40 pages)

A5 TABi have 20 sheets for projects (4 sets of 5) (40 pages)