Is Your Notebook Emotional or Rational?

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Many of us persist in using paper notebooks, despite the constant lure of upgrading to storing and retrieving our notes in digital devices. There’s something about writing which endures in our collective psyche. And there’s something about buying, holding and using our notebooks which is a very personal experience. So what are the factors we consider when we select our next notebook – assuming they’re not provided free of charge by our employers and we get little choice other than possibly its size?

It seems not many of us think particularly rationally when we buy notebooks. And why would we? Until now, pretty much the only practical factors affecting our purchasing decisions have been to do with just size and price. Once we’ve decided on these – and size tends to relate to the degree of portability we require – our foremost consideration is about its appearance. This then breaks down into two categories. Most importantly the cover – its colour, design and texture, and then lower down the scale of importance, the quality of the paper. Add a few other bits and bobs such as pen holders, bookmarks, elastic straps and wallets, and chances are that the notebook we decide to buy is the one with the cover we want others to see and judge us by – thereby suggesting you really don’t judge the notebook by its cover, you judge its owner. In other words, the choice of which notebook to buy has always been largely emotional rather than rational.

And then along comes TABi. It’s probably the first time EVER that people are being asked to consider not just how they take notes, but also how they find them. Any rational decision-making for purchasing the best notebook to suit your needs has previously only related to MAKING notes, and never before to FINDING them. For the first time in the history, there’s a whole new rational component to consider in your decision about which notebook to select. Your emotional impulse about which cover to buy will now compete with a new dimension with your rational judgement. You’ll now also need to decide:- ‘Does it matter if you can easily find your notes again?’ If your answer is ‘no it doesn’t’, then carry on selecting the cover design that suits your mood. But if it does, welcome to the Tab it Habit!

Oh and don’t worry. In time we’ll produce a wonderful range of exciting cover designs. But for now, we’re concentrating on making you look really smart and cool… when your TABi’s open.

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